Gillian Clark, CAO 

Chief Alchemizing Officer

Hello Gorgeous Soul! My name is Gillian Clark. I am your Certified Kambo Practitioner and the owner of Kambo Awakening in Montana, Connectedness Is… Meditation and Wellness Dojo and Satori Farms. My certification is through Tribal Detox. 

As a Meditation and Ontology teacher, Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Healer and Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the spiritual and wellness community, a safe Kambo experience is my first priority. I have spent years helping others uncover their gifts within and chisel away a thick layer of pain and protection that has been holding onto to them through guilt and shame, which is keeping them from knowing and loving their true self. What most people are looking for isn’t something they have to add to themselves, but something they already have within them. Everything they are looking for is already within them all they need to do is connect to it.

Kambo helps to uncover and crack that hard crusty layer of protection most of humanity has been carrying around for years, sometimes decades, thinking it will keep them safe. When really the key to loving yourself so exquisitely, that nothing anyone says is taken personally, isn’t pretending to be something you are not by puffing your feathers up like a bird so no one sees your beautiful true self – but by becoming so humble, so open and deeply individual that the journey becomes an exquisite dance of present moment experiences.

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"I am not better or worse than you, nor are you than I. We are one…deeply unique individuals with unique life experiences, but one in spirit. Simply here to walk beside each other on our journey home to love.”

My journey has been to help my clients move beyond their limiting beliefs, fears, guilt and addictions, alchemizing their pain into a space of wisdom. In my teachings I work with clients to quiet the mind, helping them to realize their need to control life is actually hindering joy and presence. Helping my clients alchemize their deepest pains by using them as a portal to self-healing and expansiveness leaving us synchronistically in the bliss of connectedness. This ultimately helps in the realization that they don’t need to pretend to be something they are not to fit in and that judgments are simply a reflection of one’s self, and not to take things personally, allowing them to access their most beautiful and humble self.

My work is both challenging and rewarding, as I am most blessed in helping people move beyond their deepest pain, sorrows and grief into breakthroughs of wisdom and peace. Although Kambo is only one of the tools I use to facilitate opening my client’s heart and eyes, it is a powerful one. My place as a spiritual healer and facilitator is simply to guide you, to hold your spiritual hand and show you that you have all the answers already inside you and that you already have the power within you….. you were only lacking the determination to go and get it.

Originally from Canada, after years of working with fully enlightened teachers in many places, I have adopted Montana as my home thanks to the wonderful people, spiritual feel and unmatched natural beauty.



Safety is #1 Priority: Kambo is a powerful medicine and it is extremely important to review proper medical history. Sadly, not all Kambo practitioners do this. I advise clients to be off all psych medications prior to our Kambo ceremony. Interactions could be life threatening, please contact me for more information.

Traditional Methods: We use traditional authentic methods learned from the Matsés tribe. We use the client's saliva instead of water to moisten the medicine. This makes the medicine more potent. Water dilutes the medicine. The medicine learns your personal DNA through the saliva.

Sustainability: Our Kambo frogs are not harvested for 2-3 months after first collection to maintain sustainability and harmony with the frogs.

Authentic Kambo Medicine: Our Kambo sticks that the medicine comes on, come from a private reserve in Peru. This allows us to make sure Kambo is not mixed with egg whites. There is a lot of fake or impure Kambo being sold on the internet that can be harmful to the body.

Medicine Placement: The Matsés traditionally put the medicine on ankles, arms or chest.

The fundamental concept of following tradition is to maximize the healing benefits of Kambo, respect the spirit of the Kambo medicine and the elders that have refined this practice over thousands of years